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Maximizing Value for Virtual Exhibitors and Sponsors

In this webinar, we will share insights and best practices that can help you offer your exhibitors and sponsors the value and visibility they are seeking. CTI analytics track virtual meeting attendees through each content click, including their interaction with exhibitor booths, sponsor banners, and sponsored/ industry sessions.

  • Virtual booth designs and elements that get clicks. The data tells us how visitors most want to interact with exhibitors and sponsors.
  • Who are the booth visitors and how best to attract them.
  • Using video to encourage attendees to interact with booth representatives.
  • Reaping the fill benefit from the sponsored sessions. How to make industry sessions a premium option.
  • The post-meeting opportunity. Why booths ans sponsored sessions should live after the meeting is over.
  • Self-service tools that let exhibitors and sponsors feel in control while saving staff time.

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