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With the vast amount of medical research and development being conducted, managing the continuing education of healthcare professionals can be daunting– or not, if you chose the right platform.

cOASIS allows you to manage, present, and host webinars, CME and career development courses, training sessions, board review courses, and medical symposia on a single platform with a one-time setup fee.
Designed for hospitals with CME and MOC courses, cOASIS offers an analytics tool that can track users by name, hours of each session or presentation the attendee has watched.

Whether your webinars are live, pre-recorded, or on-demand, we support all formats. Multiple interaction tools help engage your audience and encourage participation. You can also choose between self-produced and AV-produced options.

If your webinars are sponsored, sponsorship visibility opportunities are also available.
We have 40+ years of experience providing meeting content services to leading scientific and medical congresses. Rely on us to deliver effective knowledge and training to your medical staff.

We can help with...

Interactive tools

To encourage your audience to actively participate and collaborate with each other.

Live, pre-recorded and on-demand options

To accommodate every schedule and increase your audience reach.

Self-produced and AV production options

Geared to the needs and time constraints of hospital staff.

Detailed analytics

To track video consumption for CME and MOC while gaining valuable insights on audience behaviour.

How can we help you achieve your goals?

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