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Make your submission process quick and seamless with cOASIS!

Upload your Content Easily with cOASIS Submission Portal

Different media types

Our platform offers configurable submission forms that can handle tables, graphics, images, multiple media files (PPT, PPTX, MP3, MP4, JPEG, etc), special characters (incl. Greek letters, diacritical marks, and mathematical symbols), and video abstracts. The system is designed to adapt to your workflow requirements.

Fully configurable workflow

Abstracts can be submitted directly to the appropriate session within the meeting.

Session proposals

The Abstract Management System can be used to collect suggested and fully structured sessions, including moderators, session details, and suggestions for individual speakers and presentations. It includes a step-based approach to make it easier!

Submission Steps Tracker

To make the process smoother and allow submitters to go back to their submissions as often as they wish, there is a left-hand column that displays a list that tracks completion of each step necessary to finalize their submission. Deadlines as well as color-coded status of completion are displayed in the Portal to make the tasks easier for the user.

Submission status and notifications

Submitters log into the Participant Portal and click on the Abstract Submissions tab; here, submitters can start a new proposal, edit or complete an existing one, and check the status of their abstracts in case further action is required. The site can also be configured to make Session selection a submission step and support a co-author lookout function. Notifications can also be sent to other co-authors from the platform to simplify communication.

Submission Data Validation

Title case can be corrected according to the organization’s standards, or character limits can be enforced. Various rules can be set that will not allow the completion of the submission if the submitter does not meet them, showing a pop-up/alert indicating the actions that must be undertaken.

High capacity & security

cOASIS has hosted more than 20,000 submissions for a single meeting with the highest security standards. Our system can quickly scale capacity according to demand.

More than an Abstract & Session Submission Portal

Not only a useful tool for abstracts and sessions, cOASIS submission software can also be used to upload other types of files:

Abstracts and manuscripts

Invited papers, lectures, and faculty

Symposia & workshops for session proposals

Awards, grants, and scholarships

Financial disclosures and Conflicts of interest (COI)

Posters and multimedia video

Reliable Tech Support

Even though our platform is often praised by submitters, speakers, and presenters for its ease of use and versatile functionality, we are aware that technical issues might come up at any point. Our experienced tech support team is available 24/7 to address and fix the problems that may arise.

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