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The CTI Difference

Unparalleled Abstract Management Experience

As pioneers in digital abstract management and presentation management with more than three decades of experience assisting the world’s leading associations (*Previously known as Coe-Truman Technologies in the U.S. and WEBGES in Europe). CTI continues to innovate with the introduction of Virtual Meeting options in March 2020.

Mark Coe President & CEO

“With our experience, CTI brings proven best practices learned from thousands of meetings. Whether it’s the latest innovation with Maintenance of Certification, strategies and techniques for engaging volunteers, or concierge management of attendees.”

Mark Coe President & CEO

“Our mission is to continually evolve our products to provide greater efficiency to our clients in every phase of the meeting content lifecycle.”

Richard Rettenbacher COO
Richard Rettenbacher COO

Dedicated Human Support

That provides the industry’s most experienced customer service representatives who deploy rigorous project management disciplines to track each task with status reports that are emailed every week.


To integrate with other databases for membership, registration, disclosure, or continuing education; to fully configure all user interfaces and workflows; and to provide productivity tools for volunteers.

CTI Products

Abstract Management, Speaker Management and Virtual Meeting Software for the largest and most complex conferences.

More than 30 years ago, cOASIS pioneered the concept of digital abstract management, and has continued to innovate with fully configurable submission management software and system integrations that meet the unique content needs of each association it serves. In March 2020, CTI unveiled new virtual meeting solutions, providing associations the option to conduct meetings with remote presenters, remote attendees, and real-time interaction.

Our integration partners include:

cOASIS Features at a Glance:

Virtual Meetings
  • "Live" meetings with remove presenters & remote attendees
  • Real-time interaction between attendees & presenters
  • Options for pre-recorded presentations accessed On Demand
  • Hybrid options for onsite meetings with remote presenters & attendees
Submission Management
  • Abstracts, Manuscripts, Posters
  • Session Proposals; Awards nominations
  • Single Sign-On from membership database; abstract management system integration
  • Disclosure database integration
  • Data validation & plagiarism checkers
Speaker Management
  • Multi-tier peer review scoring
  • Custom notifications for acceptance/rejection, speaker invitations and requests for more information
  • Volunteer Tools for session building & scheduling
  • Speaker conflict reports
Attendee Tools
  • Personal itinerary builder for PCs and mobile
  • Recommendation Engine
  • CME, CEU, MOC mobile forms for assessments
  • Browser “cart” to track credits; print-out or email certificates
Administrative Tools
  • Create and save your own custom reports
  • Export reports and programs to publication-ready documents
  • Track participant notification, replies and task completion
  • Datamart for multi-meeting analysis

“The ease in which the cOASIS system brings to submission, review, notification, programming, and data management is incomparable.”


Abstract management (with quick and easy setup) for meetings that have fewer than 3,000 abstracts.

Setting the standard in abstract management for mid-sized and smaller associations, cPAPER provides an intuitive and responsive interface to review abstracts, collect speakers’ presentation material (in all media formats) and build sessions.

cPAPER Features at a Glance:

Submission Management
  • Abstracts, Manuscripts, ePosters, Session Proposals; Award nominations
  • Single Sign-On from membership database; abstract management system integration
  • Data validation & plagiarism checkers
Speaker Management
  • Peer-review scoring
  • Customizable notifications for acceptance/rejection & speaker invitations
  • Drag-and-drop session builders with volunteer tools
  • Speaker conflict reports
Attendee Tools
  • On-the-go itineraries for PCs and all mobile devices
  • CME, CEU, MOC Credit Tracking and Certificates
  • Session Evaluations and MOC Self-Assessments
  • Download personalized portfolio of abstracts, ePosters

Administrative Tools

  • Quick and easy Admin Setup and Configuration
  • Activity and history trackers to monitor process
  • Real-time statistics and analytics
  • Easy email notification templates that track opens and replies
  • GDPR-compliant data security

“CTI provides consistent, responsive and professional service ensuring that the BTOG annual conference poster abstract submission runs smoothly.”


Presentation Management Software with an intuitive interface for uploading presentations from any location before the event or onsite for last-minute updates.

With cSLIDE, presentation slide decks are pushed from a centralized server to each connected meeting space. Update and manage decks from the speaker ready room. Use presenter PC’s for livestreaming and capturing content in a cloud library that can be monetized for later access.

cSLIDE Features at a Glance:

Integrated Abstract Management

CTI Single Sign-On systems save time for submitters and reviewers, encouraging more participation and making staff more productive.

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Flexible Speaker Management

CTI Speaker Management software notifies submitters, invites other speakers, collects all necessary information and then schedules their sessions.

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Worry-free Presentation Management

CTI Presentation Management software offers convenience for speakers, peace-of-mind for planners and flawless event projection—also livestreaming and content capture through the presenter's laptop.

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