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An intuitive and useful tool for reviewing sessions, abstracts, manuscripts, videos, ePosters, or awards!

Manage your Reviews Effectively with cOASIS

The Reviewer Portal

Reviewers only need to access their Portal to see all their assigned reviews. From here, the reviewers can check deadlines, accept or reject a submission, select standard prepopulated comments, check flags, or enter free-form comments – or any combination of these tasks, depending on how your module is configured.

The Reviewer Portal is very intuitive and user-friendly; reviewers just need to click on each session proposal or abstract to read the full text, charts, tables, and metadata. On the upper part of the screen, the status of completed scores is displayed, providing a quick overview of completed tasks.

Another benefit from using cOASIS is the review process’s flexibility:

Online Review

Reviewers can complete the reviews online from a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Quick Score

If the reviewer would rather print abstracts to review offline, they can fill out a “Quick Score” form to accept/reject the abstract and add comments once they are online again.

Offline Review

Assigned abstracts can also be exported to spreadsheets to review offline, and reviewers can upload them back to the review system with the new decisions and comments.

Presentation Review

Reviewers can classify the content from speakers as compliant or not compliant and add comments with the CME Presentation Review tool. We have designed a color-coded workflow to make this process more user-friendly.

Useful Tools for a Smooth Review Process

Histogram Scoring Monitor

Reviewers are provided with a histogram showing a distribution of their scores to make sure the reviewer is scoring equitably. These scores can be filtered and changed by using the “Edit/View Scores” or “Quick Score” links.

Bulk and Offline Reviews

When reviewers have numerous assigned submissions, they have multiple sort options to first read submissions and then review their scores.

Quick Score

Reviewers can read the submissions online, then use the “Quick Score” to enter their scores and comments.

Conflict Tracking

Reviewers can check a box in case they have a conflict. Reports can then track the conflicts and resolutions.

Re-Categorization of Abstracts

Reviewers can easily reassign abstracts to different sections by topic with a single click.

Presentation Reviews

Presentations can be uploaded after their abstracts have been accepted, and reviewers can access the review site again to provide comments.

Search Capabilities

Reviewers can choose several different parameters to search through their assigned abstracts.

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