Deliver a Seamless
Hybrid Experience with Us

In today’s world, hybrid is the new norm; there is no going back. The pandemic created a host of challenges for the meeting industry, but it also increased opportunities for evolving and improving the structure of future meetings.
With an integrated approach and the right technology, meeting organizers can leverage the hybrid format to reach larger audiences in different parts of the globe.
Hybrid meetings are complex, and organizers realized that relying on different providers to manage the scientific and video content can be challenging.

CTI and Sonic Foundry’s Video Solutions group decided to respond to the challenge by joining forces. With the integrated approach offered by CTI and Video Solutions, meeting organizers can rely on one end-to-end solution to manage all their abstracts, presentations, and video assets in one place. The content is collected and managed in one platform while distributed through an integrated video player. This integrated process allows an automated capture of all the live-streamed content and a turnaround of only one hour, making it possible for people that could not attend to watch the content from anywhere only one hour later.

If you want a new standard of simplicity and reliability for your hybrid meetings, just talk to us.