Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How can I schedule a consultation and demo of CTI’s software?

    To schedule a consultation and/or demo of CTI’s software, please CONTACT US.

  2. I’m not sure which CTI product is best for my organization. How can I make sure I’m selecting the right product?

    We understand that each customer is unique, so our account executives will work closely with you to determine what your workflow needs are and what specific product is best suited for you. Please feel free to email us at for an assessment/recommendation.

  3. My organization is small and only hosts a couple of events annually—is CTI’s software offering suitable for us?

    Yes! Our software was specifically designed to accommodate organizations of various sizes, both large and small. While cOASIS is designed to serve larger associations, cPAPER is tailor-made for smaller organizations.

  4. How are your products priced?

    Pricing for our products is dependent on various factors, including number of abstracts submitted and the size of your organization. For a free price quote, please email us at

  5. To whom should I send our RFP?

    Requests for proposals can be emailed to our sales staff at

  6. Can your products be purchased as individual modules?

    Yes, our products can be purchased based on the individual modules that you plan to use. You can expand the usage of those modules in-time, as needed, to fit the needs of your organization.


  1. How quickly can the software be running?

    Typically, the system can be implemented within 4-6 weeks (or less if needed) depending on your requirements.

  2. How much training is required for the use of CTI’s software?

    We provide 4 hours of customized training for new clients and hold regularly scheduled webinars on various training topics. Plus, we have videos and previously recorded webinars available for clients to view at any time.

  3. What type of support is provided to my staff and end-users?

    Our staff is committed to providing the top-notch support our clients have come to expect from CTI. A dedicated team will assist with setting up the system software as well as ongoing support, as needed. We have a U.S.-based staff for North American clients. Our staff in UK and Austria supports our European clients. We can also provide a 24/7 hotline for critical launch periods.

  4. Does CTI provide on-site support for events?

    Yes! Our highly trained staff is available to provide on-site support for your event, as needed.


  1. Do your systems integrate with my existing abstract management system or content management system?

    Yes! Our systems can be integrated with your existing abstract management or content management software.

  2. Can CTI’s Software be integrated with other software and vendors?

    Yes! CTI’s software can be integrated with other systems such as Association Management Systems, Registration Systems, Mobile Apps, Presentation Management Systems, and more.


  1. Do I need your assistance to pull my own reports?

    Our solutions have built-in reporting tools that allow you to create your own reports. We can also create customized reports that you can later use without any further assistance from your CTI Project Manager.

  2. Can I make changes to the site text by myself?

    Yes! All CTI Software is fully configurable. All you need to do is login as the administrator of your account to customize the site text to meet your specific needs. Members of your staff can have different levels of access.

  3. Can I access your site using my mobile device?

    Yes! All CTI Software is accessible via your mobile device.

  4. Can I collect payments through CTI’s software?

    Yes! Clients can opt to collect payments using our software, which is compatible with the leading credit card processors.


  1. Can the software support CME and MOC assessments?

    Yes! Our software provides CME, CEU and MOC assessments. For added convenience, all of these can be completed from an attendee’s mobile device.

  2. Does your system support multiple credit types at a meeting?

    Yes, our system supports multiple credits such as CME and CNE and allows attendees to obtain their own certificate.

  3. Can disclosures be collected as part of my submission process?

    Yes! Not only can disclosures be collected, but we can enable a Centralized Disclosure Database and store disclosures as part of the user profile, eliminating the need for a participant with multiple submissions or multiple roles to enter their disclosures multiple times.


  1. Where are CTI’s offices located?

    CTI has offices in Chicago, IL; Northfield, MN; Johnstown, PA; and Vienna, Austria.

  2. What is the history of CTI?

    The “CTI” stands for Coe Truman International LLC. Coe-Truman Technologies (CTT) was founded in Chicago in 1982 and, in 1992, launched OASIS, the industry's first online abstract management solution. In 2012, CTT acquired C4A, a competitive abstract management solution which was part of LDI/Marathon Multimedia. In 2014, CTT merged with WEBGES (founded in 2001), which produced Europe’s first ePoster system and the cPAPER online abstract management system along with cSLIDE, the industry’s leading presentation management software.