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Streamlining CTI’s Software for a Successful Meeting – A Case Study

Opening session of WCLC annual congress in Singapore with the support of CTI Meeting Technology.

*Image by Jon Benjamin Photography

International Conference Services (ICS) has been helping organizations deliver successful conferences and events since 1976. In September this year, we teamed up with ICS to support the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) and its 2023 World Congress celebrated in Singapore. IASLC is an organization dedicated to the eradication of all forms of lung cancer. Their annual Conference chares insights and provides education on the latest lung cancer findings. This year, the #WCLC23 brought together lung cancer professionals from around the world to join for a 4-day-long conference both onsite and online.

With more than 5,500 international attendees, the conference was a major success! How did CTI contribute to the success of this event?


CTI’s Abstract Submission Software served as the platform to upload, share, and store all conference submissions. Thanks to the scalable nature of our system, we were able to collect more than 3,000 files. Authors only needed to register once in the platform to upload their abstracts and add their co-authors before the deadline, and they could do it in different categories such as Regular, Clinical Trial in Progress, Case Reports, and Late-Breaking Abstracts. The organizers were also able to schedule automatic emails notifying submitters of important deadlines and information, ensuring all abstracts were uploaded on time.


Collecting authors’ disclosures and linking them to the right abstracts can be tedious. Thankfully, our software has a solution to make this easier: individuals can quickly fill out their disclosures in a few minutes directly in their personalized portal. These disclosures are then automatically synchronized with all affiliated abstracts. Similar to the abstract submission notifications, our system sends an automatic message to those authors who have yet to update their disclosure, ensuring all steps are completed before the submission deadline.


Curating a conference schedule can be exhausting. Organizers have to design an engaging and educational schedule, including multiple slots to rest and network with other participants. This gets even trickier for events like #WCLC23, featuring more than 100 educational and interactive sessions.

CTI’s Program Management Software streamlines this process by quickly spotting conflicts and optimizing resource allocation by presenting the rooms and time slots available. This schedule was easily embedded into WCLC’s website, granting access to all authorized users. Attendees also benefited from a clear overview of the conference schedule, allowing them to choose sessions tailored to their interests.


ePosters play an important role in providing useful information about the topic presented to attendees, so it is important to have a reliable platform that stores all these files after the meeting. CTI’s ePoster Management Software stores and displays all ePosters in the same place, which can be looked up by title, author, or category. Users can easily view the ePosters they are interested in and download them from the platform.


Not only could presenters submit their files directly into their Portal, saving valuable time for organizers, but they could also delete and update the presentation as many times as they needed before the submission deadline. The latest version of the presentation always prevails, ensuring a seamless onsite and online streaming from the virtual platform.


In hybrid meetings like WCLC, making sure content reaches both onsite and online attendees is essential. CTI streamed the live content for remote attendees, with recordings made available as on-demand content post-conference. This approach extends the reach of the event, granting access to individuals who could not attend due to geographical or personal reasons. In fact, the IASLC team is offering the content from #WCLC23 on-demand on their website until December 31st for registered attendees.

If you want to know more about on-demand content and how we manage to do it within 24 hours post-event, we invite you to watch this webinar we hosted in collaboration with our partner, Video Solutions.


CTI worked very closely with the ICS team before the meeting to ensure the conference would run flawlessly. In the end, #WCLC23 was a success, with no major issues. However, the CTI technical support team and project managers are always available to address any problems related to the users or the software.

It is always a pleasure to contribute to the success of conferences like this one, and working alongside like-minded professionals at ICS was an enriching experience. Our all-in-one platform played an integral role in delivering a rewarding experience thanks to the different modules offered. Lastly, we would like to extend our gratitude to the IASLC and ICS teams for their trust in our services, and look forward to working together again in the future!

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