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Leveraging Technology for Hybrid Meetings – A Success Story

Leveraging Technology for Hybrid Meetings - A Success Story

Founded in 1975, ESMO (European Society for Medical Oncology) stands as Europe’s leading professional organization for medical oncology. With almost 30,000 members from over 160 countries, the organization aims to share scientific knowledge and education in the field of oncology through a series of annual meetings.

Our most recent collaboration with ESMO was their #ESMOBreast2023 conference in Berlin, which also had a virtual component, attracting attendees from all around the world. The meeting gathered over 4,000 attendees, with 2,200 individuals joining in person and a further 1,800 engaging through the cOASIS virtual platform. Below are some of the highlights that made ESMO’s Breast Congress a success with the help of CTI:

Effortless conference scheduling

Organizing a large-scale congress such as ESMO Breast is not an easy task. To ensure the highest relevance and diversity of content, along with the availability of resources for each conference room, cOASIS’ Calendar View provided organizers with a comprehensive overview of the congress. This feature facilitated effective session allocation, ensuring a successful and satisfying meeting experience for all attendees.

A unique platform for all parties

Managing the many parts of the event becomes significantly more manageable when all tasks can be executed from a single platform. Our virtual platform allowed ESMO members, speakers, and attendees to easily submit information and communicate with the association. Through a single connected account linked to their ESMO membership, users gained access to their personal content and notifications.

Customizable platform

ESMO maximized the capabilities of cOASIS’ virtual platform by customizing it with its logos, corporate colors, and relevant filters and categories tailored specifically for this meeting.

Streamlined content management

With a staggering 523 submitted abstracts, managing all of them and communicating with submitters can be daunting. However, thanks to cOASIS’ Abstract Management Software, submitters were able to effortlessly upload their files via their profile. Additionally, ESMO organizers were able to easily set up a communication schedule based on multi-tier emails, automatically notifying submitters of important deadlines and information, effectively transforming this time-consuming process into an automated one.

Simplified review process

The organizers also took advantage of cOASIS’ Review Management Software to streamline and automate the review assignment process. Configuring reviewer allocation based on ESMO’s criteria, the staff was only left with the task of assigning reviews to reviewers, with the added convenience of bulk assignment capabilities.

Live production and on-demand content

CTI facilitated the capture and real-time distribution of all meeting content, which gathered over 4,000 people. Following the conclusion of the congress, the content remained accessible on the cOASIS virtual platform for a specific duration, thereby extending the reach to a broader audience. After the platform’s closure, ESMO could subsequently upload all content to their own library for members and registered delegates.

Polling for increased interactivity

Interactivity is one of the most important parts of a conference and has the potential to create a memorable experience for attendees. ESMO incorporated a polling tool into select sessions; they designed the questions and we took care of the rest! During the conference, attendees – also online – just had to scan a QR code to vote, making it a more engaging and educational experience.

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24/7 technical support

Despite the success of ESMO Breast, a few minor technical issues arose. No need for concern; CTI’s dedicated technical support team remained available throughout and beyond the congress to promptly address any live-streaming problems and address any questions raised by attendees. This unwavering support ensured a seamless and uninterrupted experience for all parties involved.

Meeting analytics

In addition to our comprehensive services, we provided ESMO with real-time analytics, including the number of onsite attendees and online views. Furthermore, the ESMO staff gained access to comprehensive analytics for each module of the virtual platform, allowing them to get a better overview of the event’s success and identify areas for future improvement. They also had the possibility to segment for different filters – location, registration number, email address, etc. – and build insightful reports ready to download.


All in all, we are very grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the remarkable success of the Breast Cancer Congress 2023 organized by ESMO. Our all-in-one platform has once again proved competent for handling meetings of this caliber, effectively streamlining the whole process for the organization and enhancing the experience of the attendees. Furthermore, the incorporation of a hybrid component has empowered ESMO to spread its content beyond this meeting, reaching a broader audience and fostering a more impactful and meaningful experience for the scientific community.

To finalize, we extend our gratitude to the ESMO team for their trust in our services. We are looking forward to joining forces with them again for their next conference, collaborating to share scientific knowledge around the world.

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