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Job summary
The Associate Project Manager assists the lead project manager on larger, more complex projects and manages smaller projects. The most important aspect of this position is providing superior customer service while ensuring projects are delivered on time and at the highest quality. The Associate Project Manager role provides the essential training and experience required to move into the role of Project Manager.

Job description
Quality Service
· Deliver to our clients the highest quality service
· Deliver great service to internal clients (coworkers)
· Ensure the products and services delivered are error-free
Project Management
· Assist Project Managers and Senior Project Managers on large and complex projects as assigned
· Lead smaller projects with support from more senior co-workers
· Maintains the project details within internal systems
· Continuously ensures the client is updated on project progress
Learning and Experience
· Continuously build project management and service skills
· Build a deep understanding of the products and services
· Increase knowledge related to the industry and the business of our clients
· Complete all available training and participate in ongoing training
Work as a Team
· Provide the same level of service to co-workers as our clients
· Seek opportunities to assist others when support is needed
· Ensure a backup is in place when you are not available
· Ask for help before a project is at risk
· Participate in open and honest communication

• Ambitious and desire to help the organization to make a positive impact to help customers succeed
• Demonstrated excellent customer service
• A minimum of one year providing technical support or in a technology-based role
• A high school graduate, a college graduate preferred
• Project management experience or education a plus