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cOASIS is an ALL-IN-ONE meeting platform designed to collect and manage speaker and exhibitor content for virtual, hybrid, and in-person meetings.

The Platform

Everything you need in one platform

Abstract & Program Management

Collect, evaluate, and share your content easily and efficiently with cOASIS. Benefit from 10,000 available configuration options to tailor your submission process without requiring customization or development.

Virtual, Hybrid, In-Person

Whether your meeting is virtual, hybrid, or in-person, cOASIS ensures your content reaches your audience and facilitates participant connectivity. Most importantly, you can quickly pivot your event to a different format if needed.


Manage, present, and host webinars on a single platform with a one-time setup fee. Customize your platform to reflect your corporate identity and engage your audience through multiple available interaction tools.


Choose from a range of support and implementation options based on your requirements. Our team of project management experts will guide you throughout your meeting’s lifecycle or provide you with the autonomy to manage it independently.

Presentation Management

Effortlessly collect, manage, distribute, and capture presentations across virtual, hybrid, and in-person meetings with cOASIS. Enjoy a simple and efficient process within our all-in-one platform.

ePoster Management

The cOASIS ePoster management module is fully integrated with the rest of the cOASIS platform. Manage all ePosters on the same admin interface, with presenters uploading their content through the same portal used for abstract submission.

Our Solutions

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Key Features

CTI’s software solution provides numerous benefits that enhance meeting management efficiency

Scheduling and Calendar Integration

cOASIS simplifies meeting scheduling, allowing attendees to organize their sessions with the itinerary tool on the virtual platform. They can choose from a list or calendar view and even integrate it with their personal calendars, such as Google Calendar and Outlook.

Agenda Creation

Plan your meeting agenda seamlessly through cOASIS. The integrated nature of our virtual conference platform allows meeting staff to manage every aspect of the meeting, from start to finish, in the same admin interface. Share the meeting agenda with attendees effortlessly using the platform’s communication system in just a few clicks.

Document and File Sharing

Enable participants to quickly upload and share relevant documents, ensuring easy access for all attendees. Furthermore, CTI’s scalable software supports various file types, to make it even easier. Meeting organizers can track updates and changes to the documents, and communicate directly with attendees from the virtual platform.

Meeting Reminders and Notifications

Automated reminders minimize scheduling conflicts and keep attendees organized. Timely notifications for agenda updates or changes ensure participants are always informed and prepared. With cOASIS, you can keep your attendees updated in a few clicks!

Attendance Tracking

CTI Meeting Technology’s software offers advanced features for tracking meeting attendance, including sessions attended and number of minutes viewed. This facilitates an accurate representation of participation, which is vital for conference organizers.

On-Demand Content

Whether meetings are held in-person or virtually, CTI provides recording capabilities. This enables participants to review discussions after the meeting, expanding the conference’s reach. Additionally, captions and audio transcriptions can be added to the video to make it more accessible.

The Benefits

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

By leveraging CTI’s software features, meeting scheduling, communication, and content management are streamlined, saving time and increasing productivity. The digital platform eliminates manual tasks, simplifying the conference planning process and allowing organizers to focus on more important work.

Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

The virtual platform enables seamless collaboration among organizers, speakers, and attendees, with all processes occurring within the software. Offering an array of meeting tools and technology, the platform promotes effective communication and collaboration, ultimately leading to more successful meetings.

Increased Accountability and Transparency

CTI Meeting Technology’s software ensures clear visibility into meeting schedules and attendance. Additionally, the software grants access to meeting records and documentation, allowing for future reference when organizing other meetings.

Time and Cost Savings

Effective meeting management with CTI’s software reduces unnecessary manual tasks and processes, saving time and resources. Furthermore, by providing a virtual platform for conferences, the software minimizes travel and logistics expenses, resulting in significant cost savings

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