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How To Seamlessly Automate Presentation Management: 7 Tips

A speaker during a live presentation in a meeting, with an automated presentation management.
In the era of technology and globalization, meeting planners face a unique challenge in managing events that cater both in-person and virtual attendees, especially when it comes to content. It is frustrating when time is wasted between sessions looking for the right version of the document. Or when logistic issues arise and there is no professional team to help onsite. On top of that, presenters might also feel annoyed if they need to create multiple accounts to submit their presentations. As a meeting organizer, you need to make sure all the content is in the right place at the right time, and the congress runs smoothly. Not an easy task, we know!

Now that most events are onsite or hybrid, you need a reliable presentation management software that allows your organization to handle content in multiple formats in one place, that allows you to easily pivot to a different format if needed. Also, when dealing with huge amounts of presentations – in congresses spread over multiple days – you should account for the scalability of your software. With an automated approach, your provider can cover all these issues. Organizers can now focus on the content and not on logistic issues; our platform is also intuitive and easy to use for presenters, as they only need an Internet connection.

Using an automated process to manage your presentations can be a great way to bring simplicity and reliability to your next congress. Here are some tips that will help you and your organization make the most out of this powerful tool:

1. Manage your content in an integrated platform.

Events with large quantities of content need a standardized and reliable content collection process to make your staff’s job easier. Especially when it comes to hybrid and onsite events, it can be hard to determine which is the latest version of the presentation that has to be streamed.

A presentation management system will help your staff effectively manage large meetings. We recommend using software that ensures all processes are automated and only the most recent version of content prevails, no matter when or where the change was made.

Look for a provider that has integrated all these processes into a unique  platform, so presenters can easily upload and access their content from anywhere; they just need an internet connection. It is an especially valuable resource for staff as well, as they can quickly check information about each presenter, the format of their presentations, and send reminders to speakers. Your chosen provider should also have their professional team available onsite to ensure the congress runs smoothly, so you can just sit back and enjoy the congress!

2. Keep your documents in a safe place:

Not only do you need to collect many files, but you also must make sure that all the presentations are stored in a safe place and ready to stream at any point. A cloud-based system is a smart choice: content can be uploaded and accessed from anywhere in the world, and you do not need to worry about issues happening onsite because your presenters cannot display their content; and giving you more scalability and flexibility.

3. Choose an integrated video player:

At this point, you should think about the best way to stream your content for your hybrid meeting and choose if you want to offer it on-demand. An integrated solution that also includes video capture and distribution within the presentation management software is your best option; you can read more about this integrated approach here.

4. Ensure presenters can easily manage their content:

Presentations are the cornerstone of any congress, and the reason why people are travelling to the site. They need to be well-prepared, accurate, and ready for editing at any point. This is where an automated presentation management system comes in handy. It allows presenters and staff to make changes quickly and easily until the last minute, from anywhere.

With the speaker-ready room, presenters can access their presentations and edit directly from the congress venue. Your organization staff doesn’t have to worry about which document is the right one; everything is stored in a presentation management system and synced to ensure the latest version always prevails. If any technical issues arise, your chosen provider should count with a professional team will be ready to take care of it onsite.

5. Engage your audience with interactivity tools:

Onsite and hybrid meetings offer many opportunities to establish conversations and feedback between presenters and attendees. You should take advantage of these options to speed up the pace of the congress and engage your audience. Attendees are much more likely to come back to your congress every year if they make good memories, so do not pass up these powerful tools!

Polling, Q&A, chats, network lounges, etc. are some popular interactivity tools that you can use to connect your audience, no matter the format. You should choose a provider that already offers these options, so you do not have to worry about setting up and managing these resources.

6. Make your content accessible:

Take advantage of the opportunity to stream your onsite content so you can reach a broader audience. Attendees don’t need to travel, book accommodations, or be aware of time changes; they can access the sessions they are interested in from anywhere in the world at any time. Onsite participants can also catch up on the presentations they missed because of schedule conflicts. All they need is an internet connection.

Hybrid content is now more relevant than ever, and people are now used to watching remote content. We recommend looking for a provider that can convert your onsite content into on-demand content in under just one hour.

7. Analyze your event for the future:

If you cover all these points, there’s a good chance your meeting will be a success – but there’s always room for improvement. You should take some time after each event to analyze which points you need to work on, and which areas worked well. Analyze the number of attendees by presentation, engagement, visits from the on-demand site, etc. Using an automated presentation management platform gives you transparency about everything happening on the platform – including what and how long an attendee has watched. This meeting data will help you save time and focus on improving your marketing efforts and ROI.

Now that you have these tips on managing your presentations, it is time to put them into practice for your next event. As you can see, the process is way simpler when you can do everything with an end-to-end platform.

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