Presentation Management and Beyond

Manage, display, evaluate, and share the content generated by your conference. cSLIDE can even assess participation and administer CMEs and MOC points.


Amplify and promote your digital assets with just one tool

cSlide combines and simplifies the process of collecting and serving presentations onsite at your event. Record, stream, update, and archive your presentations with just a click or two.

View and interact with content on any web-enabled device. Monitor activity, turn content on and off, and make content available post-event!

Collect Confirm

Smooth and validated presentation upload — online and onsite

  • Speakers easily navigate cSlide’s intuitive user interface
  • Integrated file checker identifies file quality and format issues upon upload
  • Include handouts, photos, and additional supporting resources
  • Disclosures and agreements must be confirmed before presentation upload is enabled
Smooth And Validated Presentation Upload Online And Onsite
Special Access For Session Reviewers Facilitators And Moderators

Special access for session reviewers, facilitators, and moderators

  • Session faciliators and moderators have mobile access to key session details in advance
  • Different roles have access to different details
  • Each session’s presentations can be viewed at once
  • Easier access helps your team be better prepared onsite


Our Conference Calendar puts your attendees in the driver’s seat

Our Conference Calendar lets your participants navigate the schedule and build a personalized itinerary based on their needs and interests. They can bookmark sessions, presentations, and other events — then download it all to their device of choice.

C Slide 2 1 Meeting Planner
Conference Program Overview

Conference Program Overview

  • Users can view the entire conference program at a glance, including abstracts, speaker names, bios, sessions and presentation times
  • Configurable layout reflects your organization’s corporate design with color themes and customizable terms
  • Intuitive navigation features an “always-on” action bar
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly display for access on the go

Search, filter, and update

  • Administrative changes within the program are immediately reflected in the Conference Calendar
  • Intuitive search interface lets the attendee search and filter by abstracts, speaker names, bios, topics, and session types
  • Bookmark/share sessions and presentation times
Search Filter And Update


Distribute, update, and capture critical content

Centralized slide management sets the stage for presentations with lasting value. cSlide records speaker navigation live during each session to ensure all mouse clicks and media are included.

Distribute Update And Capture Critical Content

The right content in the right places

  • Presentation slide decks are pushed from a centralized server to each connected meeting space
  • CTI provides technical support onsite in the speaker ready room during all open hours
  • Decks are updated and managed from the speaker ready room
  • Cached content in offline mode offers full functionality in the event of network issues
  • Missing presentation materials can be easily identified, and speakers can be contacted through the cSlide interface
Session Capture For Live Stream And Vod

Session capture for live stream and VOD

  • No additional in-room hardware required
  • Presentations are recorded live, directly from presenter's PC
  • Content can be live streamed and captured for post-session Video-on-Demand (VOD)
  • Viewer interface highlights audio and slides — all cursor movements and embedded media (i.e. videos) are captured
  • Post-production VOD includes an automated content index for quick thumbnail navigation

Value adds

  • Session/presentation titles and speaker data can be integrated with digital signage and exported for print
  • Presenter station slide interface includes a timer
  • Break slides for sponsor recognition and organizational branding are supported through a central server
Value Adds


Digital Evaluations and Certification

Benchmark your event and assess its value to participants. Validate, award, and document professional development credits and points based on industry criteria.

Digital Evaluations And Certification

Customized, flexible event evaluations

  • Drag-and-drop evaluation builder helps you define structure and complexity
  • Speakers can see their individual speaker evaluations post-event
  • Import questions from external sources (i.e. Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Define different evaluation structure and/or criteria for different session types/formats
  • View and export evaluation results in a variety of online formats
  • Evaluations can be incorporated into 3rd Party apps
  • Participants can access evaluation tool through multiple mobile device types
  • Archive evaluation structure and format for use with future events

Administer industry-specific CME credits and MOC points

  • Use cSlide’s evaluation tool to build assessments based on industry criteria and standards
  • Integration of payment gateway for fee-based exams
  • Establish credit values and scoring/retake parameters for each session
  • Participants receive instant pass/fail/retake feedback
  • Administrators can create and view custom reports to track activity and produce documentation for qualifying agencies, employers, and certification boards
  • Participants receive printable electronic documentation
Administer Industry Specific Cme Credits And Moc Points


Digital content library

Build your library of online resources — and configure it for free and monetized access.

Digital Content Library

One-click access to your valuable assets

  • Amplify the impact of your content resources by ensuring your learners can find and access what they need when they need it
  • Dynamically search across all archived and tagged content, regardless of event year or location
  • Align the library’s look and feel with your organization’s branding specifications
  • Highlight a variety of non-presentation resources, including white-papers, association publications, infographics, sponsor contributions, and executive summaries
  • Set access codes and/or login types to restrict/permit access to different content categories and publications
  • Assign payment terms to specific content assets and complete credit card and PayPal sales within the library interface
  • Use the administrative interface to set parameters and access library viewing/purchasing activity

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