Upgrades to cSLIDE security and UX/UI

Users and administrators of CTI Meeting Technology’s cSLIDE presentation and event content management system have some significant security and interface upgrades to look forward to over the next several days. Customers will start to see and experience these upgrades beginning Wednesday, March 1, 2017. Deployment of the upgrades should be completed on or before Friday, March 10.

Security — Easily set access permissions for a variety of users and roles

  • All users and administrators will now be automatically logged in at their highest level of permissions. Previous versions of cSLIDE required users to select from a radio button list of roles before proceeding through the system.
  • Password control updates: a new hashing protocol was implemented to further secure passwords. Lost or forgotten passwords can be reset using the “password reset” function.
  • It’s now possible to restrict individual administrative access to a range of IP addresses. This makes it easier to control and limit the access locations and timeframes of temporary staff and administrators (such as in an onsite environment).


Administrator interface — click more!

  •  An architecture shift has been deployed that improves administrative navigation between modules and functionalities. All available modules are now clickable from a layered menu bar that remains visible to the administrator in its entirety regardless of module used. Previous versions offered a tab-based interface requiring administrators to back out of a given module before selecting a new one.
  • The system’s backend change log has been improved to increase the speed of data sync between cSLIDE and third-party applications (i.e. digital signage and mobile apps). The system now allows third-parties to pull revised data incrementally (almost instantaneous sync) rather than having to fully re-sync the entire event database (sometimes overnight).
  •  A consolidated import/export tab now includes access to all modules with import/export functionality. Both Questionnaires and Questionnaire Report exports are now directly accessible under this tab.
  • Configuration of the entire cSLIDE look and feel for an event now begins with the front-end and can be populated over all interface pages within the site. Add background graphics, banners, and more — and instantly apply all to every page. Note that individual modules can still be further customized, and will override the global application.


User interface — experience newly personalized functionality!

  • Moderators and facilitators can view, edit, and comment on uploaded presentations and materials within their assigned sessions.
  • The initial user interface is simplified, offering step-by-step guidance for handout and presentation uploads.
  • Once logged in, a user can view their presentations in scheduled date/time order and easily see which materials are pending upload (color-coded red) and which are uploaded and editable (color-coded green).
  • Upload source options now include icon-based links to Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.

Contact your customer service representative today to request a walk-through of the new functionality and learn more about how cSLIDE can transform your presentation management experience. View and download a PDF version of this article — cSLIDE-Upgrade,

Did you know?

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