Amplify Learning Outcomes for Your Meetings and Events

Education science tells us that learners convert information into knowledge much faster and with deeper retention when they define learning objectives in advance, receive meaningful assessments, and have opportunities to apply their new knowledge in a timely way. 

Societies and associations provide more meaningful educational programs when they:

  1. are clear about their learners’ needs, 
  2. have established methods of evaluating learner outcomes, 
  3. use data to analyze outcomes and feedback over time, and 
  4. apply this analysis to their education development process. 

CTI Meeting Technology CEO Mark W. Coe was recently featured in MeetingsNet's September 2016 article, How to Make Docs’ Maintenance of Certification Easy, speaking about our  collaboration with the Heart Rhythm Society to administer joint CME and MOC credits at their May 2016 annual meeting. HRS 2016 is a great example of how a society’s prioritization of addressing the educational needs of its members led to a very successful project with more positive implications on the way. Through the project, CTI developed new functionality and capacity for its evaluation and library modules that is now available for other clients to add to their event content management portforlios. HRS is again offering dual CME/MOC options at their May 2017 conference in Chicago.

While not every society needs to address acquisition of medical continuing education, most societies have a need (or interest) to evaluate the impact of their educational initiatives. Further, many of you may be interested in taking your learning programs to the next level by designing and offering accreditation or certification options. 

At CTI, we always invite you to think big and creatively about where our tools can take you next and how we can be part of helping you solve your association’s education and content concerns. It’s very exciting to consider that the educational program of your societies future may in part be facilitated by tools you already have at hand. We care about your team’s success, your society’s longevity, and the professional development of your memberships.

Watch this video clip of CTI Meeting Technology's Donella Muzik speaking with's Silvia Pellegrini about event content and why it's important to think big when it comes to designing your content management systems.

Find out more today about how CTI solutions and their integrated modules can be used to make the most of the session content you have today and support the learners you’ll serve tomorrow.



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