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July 02, 2018
The Easiest Way to Livestream and Archive Your Meeting
The Easiest Way to Livestream and Archive Your Meeting

Livestreaming conference presentations has never been easier with Webcast on Demand (WOD) from CTI Meeting Technology. WOD is a module of CTI’s cSLIDE presentation management system that provides both live web broadcasting (i.e. livestreaming) and captures content for later access. WOD features include:

For livestreaming

  • No additional recording or production equipment needed. WOD captures all video and audio with the same laptop computer that the presenter uses to run the presentation.
  • Fully configurable to show your association’s logo, web banner, color branding and sponsors.
  • Split screen can capture speaker image and slides. Live video of the presenter can be synchronized with the presentation (as seen below).
  • All slide show formats supported including PowerPoint, Keynote, HTML5. Also captures movements from presenter’s cursor or digital pointer.
  • Rich Media formats supported to show animation and video.

For Capturing Content

  • No post-production charges required and available to viewers 24 hours after the recorded event.
  • A searchable cloud library hosted by CTI on GDPR-compliant servers with capacity for years of meetings. Access fees can be charged for continuing education or research with analytics to track web traffic.
  • A configurable Home Page with association logo, web banner and color branding.
  • Can be supplemented by collateral material including ePosters, handouts, literature and tutorials—all searchable as well.
  • Viewable on all devices and on all browsers in HTML5 format.
  • Copyright protected with rights belonging to association or presenter, as per prior agreement, with all files secure from unauthorized download.

For more information on CTI's Webcast on Demand, call (312) 644-7660 or email sales@CTIMeetingTech.com.