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The CTI Chat: Get to Know Leonido Gebhard
Learn more about the people who power our company in this first in a series of employee profiles.
 - The CTI Chat: Get to Know Leonido Gebhard

Leonido Gebhard is a Senior Account Manager at CTI. We recently sat down with him (virtually!) to learn more about his career, his support of CTI’s clients, and what he does outside of the office.

Tell us about your role at CTI.

As Senior Account Manager, I focus on creating a smooth and effective event experience for the associations that CTI supports, working closely with them ahead of time to ensure the integrity of their abstracts and other files, as well as troubleshooting any issues they’re having during the event itself.

What does a “typical” day look like for you?

Our clients will often approach us a year in advance of their event. I help them envision what the event will look like, how to craft the attendee experience, and what to expect in terms of speakers, sessions, and such. We get into the details right away, discussing the financial aspects and creating a set of documents that will outline the event cycle from start to finish. What’s great is that we basically have two different types of clients, and each has challenges and opportunities that I get to think creatively about. For clients who are holding an event of this size and scale for the first time, I get to explore with them everything that’s possible with our technology platform and show them how other clients have used the system. I love being able to offer them options they’ve never even considered. For clients that have been working with us already, I get to share the benefits of the new modules and improvements that we’re constantly rolling out.

How did you end up at CTI? What’s been your career journey?

About ten years ago, I was working with Richard in Vienna at another company. We stayed in touch and when he founded CTI, I kept tabs on the business. I started as a Customer Support Specialist, then moved to project management, and am now part of the senior management team. The opportunities for promotion at CTI are great. In my career, I’ve never seen a company that nurtures internal talent so quickly and with such good support.

What’s the most satisfying part of working with CTI’s clients?

The most satisfying part is the start of the event. Whether virtual or in person, once that first session kicks off and the first speaker is at the podium, it’s such a feeling of fulfillment. After an entire year of work - remember, I’ve been with the client since the very beginning - to be able to see the results for event attendees and organizers alike never fails to be a positive experience.

What’s next, new, or exciting for CTI, in your area or in general?

The most exciting part has been our pivot to meet the needs of an all-virtual or hybrid environment. I’ve been part of the team that’s deploying our modules in brand new ways, and I always enjoy being part of something from the very beginning. It was also challenging, as some of our clients needed a lot of information in order to fully understand the benefits of the virtual or hybrid events. The results have been incredible, though, for both CTI employees and our clients. I think a hybrid model has some distinct advantages and that we’ll see even more of those going forward.

When you’re not at CTI, what do you enjoy doing?

I am a gamer! I play a lot of online games and love streaming. Funny thing is, I started streaming games mainly for the benefit of knowing how they work, which has a positive spillover effect on my day job. It’s nice to be able to take the experiences that I have in my gaming world and put those into my workflow at CTI.

What do you see in your future at CTI?

I’m looking forward to working with CTI for a long time. I like that information technology is always growing and changing, and I see no limits to the growth of our products. Working with CTI has given me excitement, fulfillment, and of course challenges. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Anything else you’d like to share?

No matter who I talk to about my job, I am proud to always mention that I have never experienced diversity and equality in the workplace in the ways I do at CTI. Our employees come from different backgrounds and demographics and have different interests, but we all play on the same team, in pursuit of the same goals. I have been in workplaces where this was not the case, and I am thankful to be in a company that really cares about this.