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Virtual & Hybrid Meetings
June 29 Webinar: Gold in your Data
Learn how you can use Virtual and Hybrid data to unlock new revenue, evaluate programming, and create goals for future events.
Virtual & Hybrid Meetings - June 29 Webinar: Gold in your Data

Analytics from Virtual and Hybrid meetings can give us unprecedented insight into the interests and behavior of attendees.

Join us on Tuesday, June 29, at 10:00 AM (Eastern Time), 16:00 PM (Central European Time), for a webinar on Virtual and Hybrid meeting analytics. During this sixty-minute session, we will share:

  • Trends in attendee engagement derived from a year of Virtual meetings.
  • Keys to engagement that separate Virtual meetings with high consumption rates from those with low ones.
  • The potential of post-meeting attendance. Surprising data on who and how many attend after the live meeting is over.
  • New markets and profiles to target for both Hybrid and Virtual events.
  • The Gold Standard evaluation for the effectiveness of topics and presenters.
  • Profiles of the most dedicated Virtual attendees, the content they most want, and why they may be reluctant to attend your onsite meeting.

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