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Virtual & Hybrid Meetings
GDPR-compliant Networking Tools for Virtual Attendees
CTI's Attendee Central provides Virtual Networking that meets the highest standards for privacy and convenience.
Virtual & Hybrid Meetings - GDPR-compliant Networking Tools for Virtual Attendees

Attendee search results can include Speakers and Exhibitors with links to their presentations and booths.

We all want the attendees at our Virtual meetings to meet friends and colleagues for spontaneous or scheduled interaction – much as they would at an onsite event. But the Virtual world does require other considerations before introductions are made. These must align with GDPR and other privacy regulations that various governmental bodies have instituted in the last few years. To comply, CTI has created Attendee Central with the following features:

Privacy Settings

This popup greets attendees the first time they log into the site. It provides attendees with a clear opportunity to decide about the profile information they wish to share with other attendees and exhibitors. The customizable text asks their permission to share their headshots, email addresses and phone numbers, and whether they want their contact information shared with exhibitors that they visit. Attendees must answer yes or no for each question before they can proceed into the meeting. They can later change their choices by accessing their Privacy Settings under their login dropdown.

Attendee Search Results

Once “inside” the meeting, attendees can search for other attendees by names as well as common interests. The results that they see are governed by the preferences of the attendees they are searching for. If attendees do not wish to share email addresses, they can still be reached with “in-app emails,” which do not divulge the recipient’s address. Search results include speakers, co-authors who may not be presenting, and booth representatives. Speaker and co-author profiles include the sessions and presentations for which they have participated. These can be added to playlists right from the profile. With exhibitors, searchers can link directly to the booth from the booth rep’s profile page or start chatting with them if they’re online.