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Virtual & Hybrid Meetings
Flexible, Self-help Sponsor Tools
With cBooth tools, Sponsors can upload their own banner creative and access statistics in real time while meeting organizers keep control with display and location
Virtual & Hybrid Meetings - Flexible, Self-help Sponsor Tools

Authorized Sponsor staff can access the cBooth Portal to upload banner creative and access statistics.

Sponsor banner display has become an increasingly important source of revenue for Virtual and Hybrid meetings. With the CTI platform, meeting organizers are provided flexibility in placing the banners and determining how they display. CTI’s cBooth offers Sponsors the capability to upload their own creative—with organizer approval—and access statistics. In addition to standard horizontal banners, organizers can also offer “Badge” banners with fields for image, title, description, and links for resources like PDF downloads, sponsored sessions, or external websites. The system works as follows:

For Meeting Organizers:

  • Create sponsorship opportunity, where it is placed, and size/type of banners permitted. If banners rotate in premium positions, the time between rotations can also be regulated.
  • Assign opportunity to the Sponsors that have purchased them.
  • Enter the Sponsor’s designated Representatives into the system and indicate whether they can administer the Sponsor’s banners and view statistics.
  • Review content for each banner and select appropriate status – from “Changes needed” to “Public” once it has been approved for display.

For Sponsors. Authorized staff access the cBooth portal with the following capabilities:

  • Upload banner creative according to the requirements for the purchased Sponsorship Opportunities.
  • Click to edit, request approval, or undo request for approval.
  • Access statistics once banners are “Public.” Statistics are updated in real-time.