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July 02, 2018
CTI ePosters Show Research in Motion
CTI ePosters Show Research in Motion

For years, both researchers and meeting planners have dreamed of the day when the lowly poster could leap off the board and grab attendees with a truly moving performance. Now, with CTI ePosters, research can be presented with video and animated graphics. Kiosks with monitors needing no more than web access can be used for ePoster search and display. The content is no longer confined to a few hours in the poster gallery, but can be shared online and archived for later access in cloud libraries. During upload, CTI converts all files into HTML5, so CTI ePosters can be seen on smartphones and tablets as well as PC's. Other features include:

  • Integration through Single Sign-On with Membership databases so submitter's profile information and disclosure do not have to be entered multiple times.
  • Option for viewers to make direct contact with authors through the ePoster system.
  • Option for viewers to rate ePosters with "stars" so combined ratings can be seen by subsequent viewers.
  • Option for viewers to share ePosters on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest.
  • Option to embargo sensitive late-breaking ePoster research until a specific day and time.
  • Fully customizable Home Page—with Association branding and banner—for ePoster search and archive.

For more information on CTI ePosters, call (312) 644-7660 or email sales@CTIMeetingTech.com.