Attendee Tools for Itineraries, Credit Claiming | CTI

CTI enhances the onsite or remote attendee’s meeting experience with tools to build itineraries, evaluate speakers, and claim credits for CME and MOC.

Program Planner and Personal Itinerary Builder with multiple options for Search & Browse

Attendees can use multiple search options for finding sessions of interest. These include search for all events by Day; search by Practice Focus for medical meetings, search by those sessions offering Credits for Continuing Education and Maintenance of Certification; search by Session Type or search by Learning Pathways—groups of sessions targeted for specialists and advanced levels of expertise.

With a smartphone or PC, attendees can create a personalized itinerary with options for session evaluation and credit claiming.

Multiple Search and Browse Options

Fully configurable Boolean search with auto-fill for popular terms. Customizable browse terms can include day & time, CME/MOC credits, practice area, session type, learning path, tracks, or core. Terms can also be filters to narrow results.

Recommendation Engine

Using contextual search algorithms, CTI’s revolutionary Recommendation Engine suggests sessions based on what attendees add to My Itinerary.

Share Widgets

Widgets can be shared on session description pages. Attendees can notify colleagues about the session and help build meeting attendance.

Evaluation Links

Evaluations and Assessments can be linked to a session or session type and can be required for credit claiming or before credit certificates are printed out (see below).

My Itinerary

Attendees can create an account or use member Single Sign-On to login and save a personalized itinerary, which can include private meetings. My Itinerary can be accessed and read from a PC or smartphone.

Export Itinerary Data

Attendees can export their itineraries to their personal calendars and to Excel spreadsheets if they want to compare sessions from one meeting with another. They can also be printed out.

Mobile App Integration and Data Syncing

Updates or individual schedule changes to My Itinerary data can sync instantaneously with third-party mobile applications or be pushed by Admin if preferred.

Staff Tip from Peter

Use your website to promote the capabilities of the Program Planner and mobile APP, since they can significantly enhance an attendee's meeting experience. Ask about our instructional videos.

Attendee Itinerary with options to personalize, review, and export

  • AAttendees use “My Credits Cart” to track all credits earned during meeting
  • BAttendees can create personal appointments inside their schedule
  • CItineraries can be printed and exported to calendars or spreadsheets
  • DFull abstracts can be expanded inside sessions listings

CTI’s Program Planner can find meeting sessions that offer CME or MOC credits and then provides links for assessments and certification.

Planner/CE Integration

Attendees can filter sessions by credits offered. After login, applicable links are displayed for evaluation and credit.

Participation Credit

Credit accrued by session block or minutes. Will adjust for overlapping sessions to prevent “double-dipping.”

Access by Member Type

Credits limited only to members with appropriate professional status.

Configurable Assessments

Configurable for each type of session and for all types of answer fields (e.g. check box, pull down, text entry) that can be accessed with the attendee’s smartphone.

Instantaneous Grading

Include the correct answers to further enhance learning.

Credit Claiming Carts

In My Itinerary, track credits earned during the meeting with links to evaluate sessions and print certificates if tests are passed.

Integration with PARS

And other accreditation agencies to facilitate awards of credits for verified participation or passing scores on assessments.

Customized Certificates

Customized according to type (e.g. CME, MOC, CPE) and profession (e.g. physicians and nurse educators). Can be printed onsite or emailed as PDF files.

Staff Tip from Gina

Require that attendees complete meeting evaluations before they download continuing education certificates. It gives you great feedback while the meeting experience is still fresh in the attendee's memory.